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Welcome to 201 Climbing to the Top with Mrs. Lambert

The third grade is an exciting year! Here at North, third grade students participate in learning experiences that encourage discovery-based learning. Throughout the year, third graders will take part in challenging units, hands-on learning centers, and exciting independent projects. All of these experiences are aimed at helping students enrich and broaden their understandings as they make cross-curricular connections. The third grade year is such a big year in your child's Elementary school career. Students become much more independent this year as they will be expected to expand their previous knowledge in order to develop new conceptual understandings. Students will engage in activities that will teach them about ancient cultures, economics, geography, explorers, habitats, space, simple machines, the water cycle, place value, multiplication, division, data, probability, geometry, and many, many other content-based objectives. In language arts, students will engage in word study, learn valuable reading strategies, participate in guided reading sessions, and develop their writing using tried and true developmental writing methods. Students in third grade also earn points as they read Accelerated Reader books. Pizza Hut certificate are awarded for students making their goals as well as other awards.