Hey Guys! Hope you had a great first day back to school. It was wonderful meeting you!

Homework #1 - Due Monday September 13th

  • Complete- Using the face glyph rules you have copied down into your notebook, create your face glyph on a piece of white paper. Decorate using markers and crayons. Print your name on the bottom of the paper in large letters.  **Remember your face glyph should NOT look like you.
  • In your notebook write two to three sentences using the following prompt: When I hear the word math it makes me feel __________________ because ___________________.
  • Bring in supplies, tear-off contract and emergency form by Monday September 13th.

Homework #2- Due Tuesday September 14th

  • Draw ten polygons and ten not polygons in your foldable.
  • Bring in all supplies (copy paper added to list)
  • Bring in emergency form and class rules/policy signed (if it was handed out)

You MUST bring an independant reading book everyday!

  • Finish coloring glyph / fix your sentences from homework #1

Homework #3- Due Wed September 15th

  • Handout
  • Bring all supplies in! (copy paper added to list)
  • Class policy tear-off and emergency form tear-off!

Homework #4- Due Thurs September 16th
  • Identify at least 3 objects in your house that are equal to or contain the benchmark angles (90 degrers, 180 degrees, 360 degrees) *you should have at least 9 items listed- 3 for each benchmark)

 Homework #5- Due Friday September 17th

  • Symmetry worsheet

Homework #6- Due Monday September 20th

  • Have a nice weekend
  • Blue Cards
  • Book order due Sept. 24th(Friday)

Homework #7- Due Tuesday September 21st

  • Complete your pocket polygon book. At the top where the property is (word) list the definition of the word. Then draw At LEAST 3 polygons that match the property.  You may draw more. Make sure you use a straightedge.
  • Quiz Wed or Thurs

Homework #8- Due Wednesday September 22nd

  • Add the following words and definitions into your vocabulary folder. Use the order given, 1)Polygon 2)Vertex 3)Angle 4) Ray 5) Regular Polygon 6) Concave 7)Line symmetry
  • Quiz on Thursday
  • Extra- Credit Using the two ways we learned how to determine the amount of degrees in a polygon (Drawing and formula), find out how many degrees are in a nonagon.

Homework #9-  for Thurs.Sept 23rd

  • Study for your quiz tommorrow. if you have any questions bring them in.
  • Book order due Friday the 24th of Sept.
  • Pta meeting tom (Thurs 23rd of Sept) at 7:00pm
  • Pocket polygon book signed on each post-it and near the grade on the back, due tommorrow the 23rd of Sept.

Homework #10-Due Friday Sept 24

  • Angles sheet- write obtuse, acute, right, straight

Homework #11- EXTRA CREDIT Due monday sept 27

On looseleaf answer in a paragraph- When you measure an angle with a protractor, how do you know which scale to use. Explain. then draw and label an acute angle, obtuse angle and a right angle

Homework #12- Due Tuesday Sept 28th

  • Complete the vertical angle worksheet
  • Bring back quizzes signed
  • Extra Credit- On looseleaf draw a reflex angle that measures 210 and one that measures 195. Then draw intesecting lines and find out all of the degree measures of the angles.

Homework#13- Due Wed. Sept 29th

  • Perimeter worksheet
  • Bring back polygon quizzes signed

Homework#14- Due Friday Oct 1st

  • Start your dream house project, it is due Friday!

Homework #15- Due Monday Oct 4th

  • Circumference Sheet
  • Fill in review flip book for chapter one
  • Chapter one test Tuesday October 5th


  • Chapter One Test Tommorrow- October 5th


  • In a complete paragraph (at least 5 sentences) describe the type of polygon you would compare yourself to.
  • Parent signature, near the grade and on the post-it on your Dream House Project!

Homework# 18-

  • Ratios to fractions sheet!


Improper fractions and Mixed Numbers Sheet

Homework #20- Extra Credit

Using you individual totals from todays M n M lesson, create a bar graph on graph paper. Make sure to include a title, label axes,  make a scale, leave appropriate spaces between bars and graph all data!

 Homework#21- Find three equivalent fractions for each (in your notebook)

Homework #22-Due Oct 14th  Questions #1-9(lowest terms0 and 28-33(comparing fractions) on worksheet

Homework#23- Due Oct 15th Pretend that you are making a math quiz on fractions. Come up with 2 questions for each topic that will be on the quiz.(equivalent fractions, lowest terms, mixed number to improper fractions, improper fractions to mixed numbers, comparing fractions.)


Homework #24- Due Oct. 18th- Finish Name fraction Fun Project, make sure it is complete, correct and decorated

Homework #25- Due oct 19th- Finish name Fraction Project, Skills Practice page 5 #1-12

Homework #26- Due october 20th- Skills Practice # 13-26, Get Fraction Quiz Signed

Homework #27- Due Oct 21st. Skills Practice page 5, # 14,16,18, 4 problems in math notebook, quiz on Friday

Homework #28- Study For Quiz (Comparing and ordering fractions, multiplying and dividing by powers of ten, equivalent fractions and decimals)

Homework #29- Due Tues Oct 26th - In a paragraph explain how to change a decimal to a fraction and a fraction to a decimal. Give 5 examples of each. Also, get notebook and dictionary check sheet signed.

Homework #30- Due Wed October 27th- Study Guide Intervention Booklet, page 6, #1-18, Get your decimal quiz signed.

Homework #31- Due Thursday October 28th- Skills Practice Page 6  #1-6, and 11-16  Quiz Friday

Homework#32- Study for a decimal to fraction and fraction to decimal quiz on Monday. Create a test with ten questions and an answer key for tommorrow.

Homework #33- Study for a re-take quiz...Half day notice due...Young Ambassadors Form Due...Have a Nice Halloween/ Be Safe!