Projects and Assigments for 608

Variables and Rules Project           

On a piece of computer paper or chart paper you are going to create your own sequence.

You can use toothpicks, Popsicle sticks, or straws.         

    In order to receive a four you must:

·         Create at least three stages using toothpicks, Popsicle sticks, or straws.

·         Label each stage with a stage number.

·         Create a table showing the relationship between the stage number and the total number of items in the stage.

o   The table should include two rows and at least 6 columns.

o   In the first column of the table you should write “Stage Number” and use a variable to represent the stage number. In the second row of the first column you should include the total number of items in that stage as well as choose a variable to represent the items.

·         Write down what your variables represent. Use a variable to represent the stage number and choose another letter to represent the items that you used.

·         Write a rule using the words such as, stage number and total number of toothpicks etc.

·         Write the rule algebraically.

·         Make sure you write neatly and check over your spelling. If you are having any difficulties refer to the example below or your class notes for guidance.

(The picture would not show- refer to your notes)

 Stage 1                            Stage 2                              Stage 3


Stage number, ____

Total number of _________,____     

 ___ = stage numbe

r___ = total number of items used


 Rule written algebraically: