Lunch Money Schedule

                             The following is the lunch money scehedule for the year. Lunch money will only be collected on TUESDAYS of the following dates below.  If your child is FULL price lunch and does not bring in the money on that day, he or she will be cold lunch  for the two weeks following that date. Lunch money is collected every two weeks!                       
                                                            September:          14th            and      28th
                                                October:              12th              and      26th
                                                November:            9th              and      23rd
                                                December:             7th              and       21st
                                                January:                 4th             and       18th
                                                February:               1st              and       15th
                                                March:                   1st               and       15th and 29th
                                                April:                     12th            and       27th   
                                                May:                      10th             and       24th
                                                June:                       7th            and       21st