Classroom Policies

  General Class Rules:

1.  Be Prepared - Book, Paper, Pencil, Homework

2. Be Respectful - of Others, their Property and Ideas.

3. Be Quiet While Others Speak - Raise a Quiet Hand

4.  Be On Task - Remain Seated During Instruction

5.  Follow all other school rules


Small Group Rules:

  1. Use a voice level of 2 (quiet talking).
  2. Only 1 speaker at a time.
  3. Respect each other’s ideas.
  4. Remain on given topic.
  5. Speak only to group members.
  6. Only 1 person up at a time gathering supplies, etc

Voice Levels

  1. Silence
  2. Whisper
  3. Quiet Voice
  4. Presentation Level
  5. Outside Voice


1.  Verbal Warning

2.  Loss of recess time/privileges

3.  Behavior Assignment

4.  Lunch Detention

5.  Office Referral

(Repeat offenders will require a parent conference.)


Imcomplete Assignments (9 weeks):

1.  Loss of recess time until complete, -10 points (-20 2 days late, -50 3 days late, 0 on 4th day)

2.  Same as above but added parent contact

3.  Same as above but added lunch detention

4.  Behavior plan with parent conference


  SssSmall1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
2. Respect other people's property and person (no hitting or stealing).
3. Laugh with anyone, but laugh at no one.
4. Be responsible for your own learning.
5. Come to class and hand in assignments on time.
6. Do not disturb people who are working.


  GroupGrg Sss Small Group Work Small   1.