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A great website for study skills  enlightened

The students are focusing on the 7 Sacraments this year.  We will be using a new Religion series called We Believe.  You may access study guides, activities, prayers, and other resources at the following site:

A great site for learning how to pray the rosary is as follows:  It even has an audio download that is compatible with any MP3 player.  I use it to pray the rosary from my Iphone.  yes

We attend Mass on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please feel free to join us anytime you are able.  

Our class saint is St. Gabriel and our class prayer is the Angelus.


 will be teaching the 5th grade math this year.  It is important that students have their multiplication facts committed to memory.  For lessons and chapter reviews, go to the following website: .  Be sure to choose student, grade 5.       

I also use for extra practice.  Kahn Academy has great lessons to help with all math concepts.  I will use many of these lessons in class.


Order Scholastic Books here:   Just follow the directions to set up an account.  Each order helps earn bonus points and free books for the class while giving your child new and exciting books to read!

The students are required to earn 10 A.R. points per 9 weeks for their grade.   (Students need 17 points to receive the A.R. award from the library.)  Please see that your student reads at least 20 minutes/night.  To find out if a book is on the  A.R. list, go to  10 A.R. points for reading grade are due October 3.  (Summer reading points do count towards these points.)

We will be focusing on many reading strategies using our text book.  The following site contains an oral reading of our stories and may be accessed to help students read the assigned stories:

We will also read 4 novels this year using the reading strategies we learn in our text book.


Wednesdays will be dedicated to writing.  Students will be taught a short writing lesson and then apply what they learn.  Don't worry if your student tells you he/she is blogging!


Spelling lists will be sent home on Fridays. All spelling needs to be in cursive.  The students will be required to either spell the word or recognize the correct spelling.  Tests are Thursday (no pretest).

Spelling Work: 

Friday -- Spelling list goes home in folder

Monday--Spelling Assignment with words

Tuesday--Student chooses 2 ways to practice (in class/homework)

Wednesday-- Spelling game 

Thursday-- 2 Ways to practice due / Test


Each week students will learn 12 new vocabulary words and their definitions.  They will be responsible for knowing synonyms and antonyms connected to each word.  Tests will be each Friday unless otherwise stated.  Students can access the website for their book (orange first semester, blue second semester) to help study the words at    .


Students can access the website for extra practice by creating their own usernames and passcodes at  

Social Studies: 

Students will study the history of the United States.  We will begin with learning all 50 states and their location along with major geographical landforms.  Students can access social studies resources here:


Students will use Pearson.  They will be responsible for online assignments found here: Pearson Realize.  Each student has a login.  The password is Science5.

Brainpop:  (several good lessons)

*For all subjects:  You can find great short lessons at that reinforce the concepts we are studying in class.  I use many of the lessons in class.