Rug Maintenance

6 Tips for Rug Maintenance 






Pillows need care and attention and regular maintenance is required if you want to extend the life of your mattress and its beautiful appearance. The following tips will help you take good care of your mattress:


Vacuum Often

This one is obvious but it needs to be done regularly so that your rug stays clean. What most people don’t know is that both side rugs need to be emptied and while this task may not be able to remove every dust and dust particle from your lumps, it will remove most of the parts and reduce the allergens trapped in its fibers. Debris will sink deep into your lumps, so professional cleaning will be needed from time to time but you will need to vacuum often during this period.


Rotate Your Blanket

Doing this annually will reduce uneven wear and fading, so make sure you mark this task on your calendar. The location of your mattress will affect its condition and if it is placed in a bright and sunny room, your blanket will experience fading. Blinds or drapes will help prevent this from happening, such as an annual rotation.


Try not to Put Heavy Furniture on Top

Large pieces of furniture will crush your lump fibers and form dents, so it’s best to keep heavy pieces. If they must be placed on top, make sure you use a furniture coaster, as this will help prevent marks and frustration.


Buy a Rug Pad


This is a great investment and is worth it, as it will extend the life of your blanket. These pads prevent noise from slipping and absorbing, so there are many benefits they provide. They also offer extra pillows and softness and are the perfect foundation for pillows.


Don't try DIY Cleaning Solutions

It is one thing to spray with a paper towel but another thing to use chemicals and you can permanently damage your lumps unless you are sure about the solution you have made. Hard detergents can make things worse, such as water can be used on stains. If you’re not sure, you can disclose your lumps and damage the flooring from below, so stay away from DIY cleaners.


Make Sure Your Rugs are Professionally Clean

This is the best way to ensure your rugs stay beautiful and clean as professional rigid cleaners have the tools, equipment and products that are needed. They will give you a sparkling clean result and their services will enhance the life of your blanket and bring its beauty. Professional cleaning should be done every 12 to 18 months but you can do it more often if you have pets or if the mattress is in a low traffic area.


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