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From the Desk of Heather
 11/12/10 Today, we have a special guest at our school! Smile Presenting Jordan Gilchrist! (did I spell it right?) 
Jordan:Jordan has a special thing to tell you. Kiss I made you Undecided. That means I made you think. I love to dance. And you too, I guess. 
Teach me about your school. I hope you know what I am talking about in the whole page, Heather. There is the nicest     Laughing 
Back to me. Jordan is 7 yrs. old. She normally goes to a public school. But today she is learning at Voyager!Smile  
Jordan: How old are you guys? 
I am 10. Trevor is 8. 
hi Jasmine!
Uh oh, it's time for lunch! Till' next time!