Anatomy Study Page

Let's Study the Skeletal System!


Module 1 (Week 1)

 Boney Poetry


Click and read information on this site below:

Watch video at on the skeleton. Do quiz and experiment.

 Study the diagram at and create a target game at or use q-tips and make a skeleton, and then label your skeleton. You could also try the pasta! Lets do together.  Be sure to label!

Click on the link below and label the skeleton.  Be sure to show me when you are done! Do it more than once and try to use as little clicks as possible.



Skeleton Shakedown Game

Bones Biology for Kids

Let's Study the Digestive System!



 Labeling the Digestive System Game

Digestive System Videos

Amazing Body Facts


 Nervous System Module

Click and read about the Nervous System

Watch this Video (ignore about it from being from Chapter 28 - lots of good information - so listen - maybe watch twice!)

Print Out (print this page, and fill out diagram -show me when you are done!)

 Play Brain Game Online

 Games for the Brain


Respiratory System Module

The Anatomy of Breathing

Read about the Respiratory System

Read more!

KidsHealth - Read, Explore, Watch Videos

Video to Watch on the Respiratory System

Powerpoint on Respiratory System (Find in Academy Days Co-Op Folder: Respiratory System)

Watch Video on How Your Lungs Work and Do Experiment

Quiz on Parts of the Respiratory System


Map of the Human Heart

Find the Heart (Virtual Stethoscope)

Flow of Blood

Heart Rate Calculator

Immune System

Read Body Battles by Rita Golden Gelman and Ill. by Elroy Freem

Read about White Blood Cells

Watch Immune System Video from KidsHealth (May want to do the activity while you watch the video)

Do Activity to Help You Learn Immune System Terminology (Do it on your own then check you answers).

Read about Human Skin

Do Apple Activity with a partner and Answer Questions

Take the Immune System Quiz