First Grade Art Class

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Visual Arts Department                                                                  School Year: 2010-11First grade course syllabus                                                                      Quarter 1Welcome to art class at SESO Elementary! I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and is ready to begin another year with us. I am happy to have this opportunity to welcome you to the art program at our school. I have some fun activities planned and I am sure all students will enjoy this year in art. I have high expectations for each student and strive to provide opportunities for them to succeed in a safe and pleasant classroom environment.In this syllabus you will find the subjects they will study, activities, materials needed and assessments. Students will learn the proper use of art materials, elements used in creating art, and about various time periods and people important in art. As we have art only twice per cycle it is very important that your child is present. Home works are only given if the students need to reinforce any specific skill. I look forward to a wonderful year and to meeting each one of you!.Theme: Basic Art ConceptsUnit: Elements of DrawingTopics: Lines and ShapesActivities:-Students will have the opportunity to recognize experiment and apply with their materials different lines and shapes to their drawing and will learn to create artworks by using the space properly.-Students will spend some time looking and discussing about some artist’s drawings to recognize how they use the lines and shapes in their artworks.Materials needed (all materials are from the students grade list. Materials should be handed in to their homeroom teachers the first week of classes).Drawings Pad                   Colored PencilsPencil and erasers             Scissors and glueAll students must have materials in their pencil cases and the teacher will store the drawing pads in the art room. The art teacher will ask for any extra materials needed by their weekly reminder. Students must bring all their belongings to every art class. Notification to parents will be send in case the child doesn’t bring materials. Students will be responsible for not doing work, because of not having the necessary materials.Assessments:Students’ performance in skill and class participationPractice exercisesArt projects