10th Grade English

Tuesday, May 1: Quiz tomorrow chapters 1-8.

Wednesday, May 2: Please write a reader response to chapter 8, specifically the interaction between Dimmesdale, Hester, and Pearl. What one idea or emotion does this passage evoke in you?

Friday, May 4: Please keep reading The Scarlet Letter and be prepared for the quiz on Tuesday.

Monday, May 7: Quiz tomorrow on chapters 9-13.

Wednesday, May 9: Work on your sermon projects for tomorrow.

Friday, May 11: Final, typed draft of project due Monday.

Monday, May 14: Continue reading. Respond to the passage from today when Hester's "A" is removed.

Tuesday, May 15: Please read your novel!

Thursday, May 17: Quiz tomorrow on the remaining chapters of the book.

Friday, May 18: Finish the vocabulary list you started in class. Quiz on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 22: Vocab quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 29: The vocab quiz is now Thursday. Please hand in any reports/sermons if you have not done so yet.

Wednesday, May 30: The vocab quiz is tomorrow. Also, please complete your Emily Dickinson-styled poem for Friday.

Thursday, May 31: The Emily Dicksinson style poem should be in the style of "This is My Letter to the World." Consider the following questions when you write it:

1) How do you view the world right now?

2) How does the world view me?

3) What do you think of yourself?

4) If your writing had one specific purpose, what would it be?

5) What do you want to ask the world to do for you?
All of these poems were answered in "This is My Letter to the World". You may begin the poem with the same first line as Emily - This is My Letter to the World

Friday, June 1: Read page 513 - 514, "Old Man at the Bridge" and answer questions 1 - 4 on page 514