7th grade

Hello! This is where you'll find the English and math assignments for the year.

Math -

Thursday, May 31: Please do all of the even numbers on page 96 (12-1 Estimating Square Roots). We will have a test next week on Chapter 12 (it is only 5 sections).

Friday, June 1: Page 644, #7-16

Monday, June 4: Page 652, 5-13

Tuesday, June 5: Workbook page 99. Test on chapter 12 on Thursday.

Wednesday, June 6: Test on chapter 12 tomorrow.

Friday, June 8: Please look over your book and jot down any chapter/section you'd like me to review for the final.

Tuesday, June 12: PLEASE bring a pencil and a calculator for tomorrow's final!

English -

Tuesday, May 29: Please bring in book reports. They were due today.

Wednesday, May 30: Answer the five questions on the reverse side of the Emily Dickinson handout. Write 1-2 sentences for each in your notebook.

Thursday, May 31: Please type and print your Emily Dickinson poem, final draft.

Friday, June 1: Page 327 and 329, Review the Skill.

Monday, June 4: Page 329 Review the Skill - write the numbers of the rules you are using.

Tuesday, June 5: Remember that the test is on Friday (punctuation).Page 336, practice the skill.

Wednesday, June 6: Test Friday. (Study for the math test tonight).

Thursday, June 7: Test tomorrow on commas and the rules for dialogue (quotation marks, commas, end punctuation, etc.)

June 8: Review the parts of speech - nouns, verbs, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, interjections for the final.