9-12 Grade Music


Worship Band and Team Syllabus 

Mrs. Pompey

e-mail address: iamstacipompey@gmail.com 

phone: 516-776-1667


Course Description: 

The Worship Team assumes responsibility for leading worship in Chapel (3rd period every friday). We develop the skills of musicality, community, creativity, technical understanding, and the spiritual disciplines necessary for worship leaders. This class seeks to prepare students to effectively participate in leading worship in their community and churches. 



30% Tests (Performances at Chapel)

25% Quizzes 

25% Daily Participation 

20% Homework (independent practice)


Supplies Needed

NIV Bible 

Musical instrument





Class rules:

1. Build the members of your community.

2. Practice and come prepared to set up before we play any music.

3. Pray regularly and fill yourself routinely with the Word of God.

4. Serve in humility-there are no divas. Participate with confidence trusting that God will accomplish great things. 

5. Treat our sound and music equipment with respect and care.

6. Always bring your supplies to class.

7. Assignments must be turned in on the due date. If a student is absent the day of a written assignment, it must be handed in within 3 days of their return to class.

8. If a student is going to be absent on a chapel day, notice must be sent to Mrs. Pompey ASAP!  Please send an email to me or a text message. If you are going to be absent and you play an instrument and it very important that you text, call or email me asap. If you are too ill to do these things, please have a parent make contact for you.