Prodigal Musical Permission Slip








Valley Stream Christian Academy 

drama club

  Attention Students! If you are interested in performing arts, this is an exciting opportunity for you to use your gifts and talents! Auditions will be open to all students in the 7th - 12th grade!


When: wednesday 

9/21/11 at 3 pm!


seeking: actors, singers, dancers, crew, musicians and stage manager

rehearsals will be held

 every wednesday from 3-4 pm -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 I give my child permission to attend the dram club, which will meet on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4pm. I validate that my child will be staying after school on those days, and that i will provide transportation for my child to get home. I have enclosed a check for $75, made out to bethlehem assembly of god. 


child’s name:_______________________________


Parent’s signature: ________________________ Date:_______________