Graphic Design Syllabus


Class Syllabus: Graphic Design

Teacher: Mr. Sbarra


Course Goals

The course will focus on technology in the field of graphic design by exploring and developing skills in visual and audio production. Through the relationship of text, visual images, sound, and film, you will create projects for marketing, advertising, entertaining, and/or communicating an effective message to others. Emphasis will be on creating effective original projects. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

·         Create and effect images and photographs with Adobe Photoshop

·         Design and code a functioning Website

·         Record and edit audio for the use of podcasts, commercials, and song

·         Write, film, edit, and produce a short film

Supply List

·         Flash drive (at least 2GB) to save all work

·         Notebook (either 1 subject or marble)

·         Pen or Pencil


Class Requirements

Students are responsible to come prepared to class with supplies. There will be four major units with 10 projects due during the school year and a final. The four units and their corresponding projects are as follows:

Image Editing

• Creative Words project

• Photo altering project

• Positive/Negative Space project

• Logo design project

               • Idiom project

• Surrealism project

                 • Magazine project

Web Development

                        • Website project

Audio Recording & Editing

• Podcast project

• Commercial project  

• Song project

Movie Making / Digital Story Telling

• Final project


The percentages of contribution to your final grade are as follows:

Class Participation




Photoshop Portfolio


Website Project – Final score divided by 10


Audio Demo (5 pts for each project)




*I will deduct 5 points from a project’s final grade for each day it is late. Projects are collected at the end of class on the day they are due. If a student is absent, projects are due at the beginning of class when they return. Any work that is not handed in will receive an Incomplete. If there are any incompletes on the student’s headmaster at the end of the year, the result will be not passing the course. Even if the project will receive a non-passing grade because of lateness, it is the student’s responsibility to hand in the assignment.

Class Participation and Attendance

Education is an active process, and lab time is limited. Therefore, your presence and active participation in the class is essential to your success in the class. It is your responsibility to attend class. Not attending class can result in missing important information on assignments and missing an explanation of a computer program. To receive a high participation grade, you must come to class prepared, and make the most of your time to work on assignments.


Homework will be assigned occasionally, and will mostly be focused on either writing or sketching ideas for an upcoming project. Coming prepared to class with all of your supplies, especially your flash drive, is on-going homework. If you do not come prepared to class, it will affect your homework grade and your class participation grade.


Art and design is a creative and personal process. Submitting another person’s art and posing it as your own is a form of academic dishonesty. Any projects committing plagiarism will result with a final grade of zero. The student is still responsible for honestly completing the assignment regardless of the failing grade. Any projects not handed in will result in an incomplete.  

Electronic Submission of Work

If you know that you will be absent the day a project is due, or absent for a consecutive amount of days, please let me know ahead of time. If you wish, we can discuss the possibility of either emailing or uploading your project. You must discuss and clear with me first that you can send you project in this format. If it is not, I will not accept the project.  


Assignments along with a grading rubric will be handed out in class on the date they are assigned. The assignment and its rubric will also be posted to my teacher page the night it is assigned, including the due date.