About Me

Hello, my name is Vanessa Shangreaux, I am 33 year old single parent of 2 beautiful children.  I am a full time preschool teacher at Kyle Early Headstart and a full-time college student working on my A.A. degree in the Early Childhood Field at Oglala Lakota College.

I started volunteering in my daughters headstart class whe she was 3 and I enjoyed every minute i was there.  I went from volunteering to working at the center as a part-time cook and then later in the year i became the full-time cook I was in the position for 7 years before i decided to go back to college and become a preschool teacher.  In 2008 I became a preschool teacher in the Kyle Early Headstart class.  This year 2011 i will be graduating with my A.A. degree.

I enjoy working with the preschool students, they are very energetic and everyday is a different day for me as a teacher and the children as students.  they always put a smile on face and exspecially in my heart.