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Family Literacy:

Family literacy is about the ways families use literacy and language in their daily lives. It is about how families:

  • learn
  • use literacy to do everyday tasks
  • help children develop literacy
  • use literacy to maintain relationships with each other and with the community
  • interact with organizations and institutions

Examples of family literacy

There are many different literacy practices used by families. Some are reading and writing activities, while others help build literacy in other ways. Here are a few examples:

A father and child walk upstairs together, and then they share a library book about numbers.

Doing everyday tasks
A mother involves a child in writing a grocery list, and then they find the items together at the store.

Helping children develop literacy
On a bus ride, a teenager plays word games with his younger sister and points out street and shop signs.

Maintaining relationships
A family reads religious texts together and talks about the meaning and relevance to their everyday life.

Learning to speak up for your child & interacting with institutions
A parent and child discuss the child's report card with the teacher.

Every family uses literacy to do different things every day. This includes families with an oral tradition as well as families that use print often.

Family Literacy begans at birth.  Kyle Early Headstart Teachers encourage parents to read at home and continue on a daily basis, however it is also a part of our routine in our everyday schedules.  Here are some book that are appropiate for ages birth to 1 years old that you can buy and read on a daily basis.

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 My First Baby Signs

My First Baby SignsPhoto: © PriceGrabber
This book is a great way to introduce signing to your baby. Even before he learns to talk, you'll have a way to communicate. Practice the signs with your child as you read and be sure to praise correct signing for reinforcement.
Baby Faces
Baby FacesPhoto: © PriceGrabber
Research has shown that babies just love looking at other babies. This book is a DK book, famous for vibrant color images against white backgrounds. Help your child learn to recognize emotions by naming what each child is feeling in the pictures.
I See a Cow
I See a CowPhoto: © PriceGrabber
This book is a board book that has designs on a plastic surface on each page. The difference in textures is fascinating (and stimulating) to babies and toddlers.
Sheep in a Jeep
Sheep in a JeepPhoto: © PriceGrabber
This book has quick, short rhymes that your infant or toddler will love. As an added bonus, the rhymes are just ridiculous enough to read aloud with older children as well.
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