About Me

This is my eighteenth year teaching first grade at St. Catherine's. I am just 
beginning to feel like a veteran.  I have four children of my own who have 
all graduated from St. Catherine's and all four have even graduated from college
and are gainfully employed.  I have learned that time enters warp speed once your children enter
school so I recommend taking the time to enjoy each moment you can.  Every
stage has positive and negative aspects so never be in a hurry to move on to
the next one.
I have always viewed my classes as an extension of my family and even more so
now that my house is a true empty nest. I look forward to spending the year
with you as we begin this exciting journey.


Mission Statement

My mission statement can be rather short as I intend to provide numerous 
ways for your children to explore a skill, practice that skill, be willing 
to take a risk with a new skill, and have fun doing it.  I like to keep my 
students active and encourage them to learn and help each other.  I value 
respect and responsibility as the cornerstones of a harmonious classroom. 
These are the guidelines I use when I plan each and every day we spend