Kindergarten Orientation Handbook

















Kindergarten Handbook

Mrs. T-C

Mrs. Pham

Room 304





Contact Information


Vicki Torcisi-Constein, MA in Education

Laura Pham, MA in Education

566.0510 ext. 2304


Please feel free to contact us before or after school.  If you call during the school day, you will be directed to our voicemail.  We will check and respond to email or messages after school.


If you have an emergency, please let the front office know and they will contact our classroom.


Sandburg Elementary

11230 Avenida Del Gato

San Diego, CA 92126



Principal: Laurie Hinzman






















Classroom Management


Each child is expected to be an active participant, kind to others, a good listener, and to follow directions.

If a child needs a reminder of the class rules and expectations, then they will receive a warning. 

If a second reminder is needed, they will receive a time-out in the classroom. 

If the problem persists, you will be notified via phone call, note or email.

Violent behavior will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic parent contact.   You can help by asking your child how their day went and talk about how to make good choices.  Thank you for your support.

We will contact you if we notice consistent behaviors that disrupt the class.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your child’s behavior.





School Times


Class will be held in Room 304 from 7:45am to 2:05pm.  Please drop off your child in front of the classroom no earlier than 7:35am. 

If your child is late (after the 7:45 bell), they must sign in at the office. 

Dismissal is at 2:05pm on M, T, Th, and F, and 12:00pm on Wed.  Please pick up your child on time.  Kindergarteners will only be dismissed from the side gate nearest to the parking lot.  Do not pick up your child from the classroom.

If someone else is picking up your child, please make sure that your child and I are aware of the change.

If you need to pick up your child before 2:05, you must first sign them out at the office.

Anyone on campus during school hours must obtain a visitors pass as the office.



Snacks and Lunches


Please send a nutritious snack your child can eat at 9:50AM snack/recess daily. Snacks can be packed with their lunch.   The snacks should not be big, just enough to get your child through to lunch.  I recommend small healthy snacks such as slices of fruit, veggies/carrots, cheese, or a couple of crackers.


We do not allow drinks other than water at snacktime.


Lunch is at 12:05 (no lunch on Wednesdays). 


If your child is buying a school lunch, we recommend setting up a lunch account.  This helps avoid money loss.  Your child will receive a pin number which they will be responsible for memorizing.  We will keep a copy of their pin number in case they forget. 

Please practice memorizing the pin number.








Parent Volunteers


We appreciate and welcome parent volunteers.  Please note that signing up to become a parent volunteer is a commitment of your time.


We ask that you be consistent and come each week at your scheduled time.  If you are unable, please let us know via a note, email, or phone call.


Younger siblings are not allowed in the classroom. Please make arrangements for childcare if you are volunteering.


Parent volunteers can prepare class projects, put together weekly folders, work with individual students and small groups, and monitor centers.


We will also need a room rarent to work with the PTA & Foundation on class and school events.  Room parents may help arrange class celebrations.


We will have Family Reading from 7:45-8AM on Fridays where parents and siblings can read with us.


Clothing and Belongings


Remember to write your child’s name in and on all belongings (sweaters, sweatshirts, backpacks, lunches). 


Comfortable, close-toed play shoes should be worn daily.   Open-toed shoes and flip flops are cute, but not okay for students.


If your child is wearing shoes with laces make sure they know how to tie them.  If they cannot tie their shoes, please send them with slip-on or Velcro shoes.  Untied laces are a health and safety issue.


Shorts should be worn under skirts and dresses so your child can participate in all school activities.


Send your child with a backpack daily as they will be bringing home schoolwork and papers.


Do not allow your child to bring toys or valuable items to school.



Rainy Day Procedures


In the event of a rainy day students will enter the classroom at 7:35 when the first bell rings. 










          Birthdays are very important to the children and we will acknowledge them in class with a special sticker and/or small prize given to the birthday child. 


Birthday Treats:

          It is school policy that no treats will be brought in for birthdays.  This is due to the many food allergies of our students and because it takes away from instructional time.


Birthday Invitations:

          Birthday invitations are not to be handed out at school.  They are a big distraction.  Please hand out invitations after school.  We will not be handing out invitations or placing them in Take Home folders.






Class Library Books:  Students will be checking out books from our personal library.  This is a big responsibility and a wonderful learning opportunity.  Each day your child will have the opportunity to check out a book of their choosing.  Books are due back the when they have read them.


Students may choose another book after returning their previous book.








Homework will be emailed at the beginning of the month and will be collected on the last school day of the month.  Please print out the reading log and response journal questions and turn them in on the last school day of the month.  If you do not have email, please let me know and we will send home a copy. There is also a daily reading log and journal with the homework packet.


It is VERY important that you read to your child 20 minutes each day and talk about the stories.  This will help your child become a better reader.





High Frequency Word Books


We will be sending home High Frequency word books via email.  These books feature familiar words that will help your child become a better reader and writer.


Please print, assemble, and practice reading these books with your child.  Your child may color the books and keep them in a special place at home.  You and your child can read these books over and over.


If you do not have a computer or are unable to print out the books, please let us know and we will provide your child with a copy.










Take Home Items


Backpack Folder: 

Notices and class work will be sent home in the Friday Backpack folder.  The folder should be returned with any signed papers on Monday.


Book Orders: 

We may send home book orders occasionally.  These are a great way to build your child’s personal library and encourage reading.  Please send the book orders back by the due date printed on the back.  Payment should be in the form of a check made out to Scholastic Books.


Books may also be purchased and donated to our classroom library.  Your child’s name will be written inside the front cover.