On Harbor, we believe in student accountability. 


All homework is written on the white boards in the beginning of class. Students are expected to write it down in the planners they were issued in the beginning of the school year. Homework can also be found online at the Harbor House webpage. 

Jupiter Grades is updated daily and can be used for both students and parents to keep up with completed assignments. 

All students have CORE time during the school day as well as callback once a week. This time should be used to complete current or outstanding assignments or see a teacher for help. Additional help is given to students who ask. Our goal is for everyone to be successful!

Student Investment in Learning-

We see the student-teacher relationship as a partnership. Both sides must be held accountable for optimal student learning.

Once a trimester students are asked to fill out a Student Investment in Learning (SIL) sheet. These sheets ask students to do a self assessment of their work habits, engagement, and collaboration with other students and teachers. On the same sheet, their teachers will answer the same questions. These are used to determine where students excel and could improve on their learning process.

Common Core Standards-

We are currently in the process of switching over to the nationally recognized Common Core standards. These standards have been adopted in most states in the union. Click here for more information on the Common Core.