Supporting Students in Their Emotional Needs


Adolescence is an important but often troubling time in every child's life. It is the greatest time of growth in a student's life (apart from birth to three years old) and is when students begin to establish a sense of identity. We have in place a series of supports that we encourage students to utilize to make this transition easier.


Each student is assigned an on team CORE teacher in the beginning of the year. They meet daily as a sort of home-room. This serves as an advisory. This allows students to have a core group of students and a teacher that they can turn to for help. During the daily morning meeting time all sorts of things can occur. Sometimes it serves as a study hall, others it's a time to share and enjoy everyone's company. 


We hope that all students can find an adult in the school they can trust and turn to. This may not always be possible. Students may opt-in to a mentoring program where they will be paired with a local community member.

Guidance and Counseling-

There are specialists on staff who can help with a range of problems from familial issues, to substance abuse, to behavioral problems. Our main concern is for the student to remain happy and healthy throughout the year.

Anti-Bullying Education-

It is illegal for anyone to bully anyone else based on race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, perceived gender, hair color, etc. All students undergo anti-bullying presentations and are taught how and where they can seek help if they or others are being bullied. Click here for a direct link to our anonymous report form.