Classroom Policies

Class Rules
  1. Be on time, whether on zoom or at school.
  2. Come to class prepared and with all necessary supplies.
  3. iPad must be charged.
  4. Be respectful.
  5. Be Honest.
  6. Sit promptly and quietly.
  7. Use the restroom and water fountain before classes.
Bathroom and Water fountain Policy

Students need to drink water and/or use the bathroom before school or between classes. They will not be permitted to leave the classroom once class has started.


Cell Phones
  • School regulations require parents to file a cell phone authorization form with the school office if they wish their child to be permitted to possess a cell phone on campus. Cell phones must be turned OFF (not just silenced) during school hours, including lunch.
  • Cell phones MUST be in a student's book bag and turned OFF during school hours. Cell phones should never be visible; therefore, a phone may NOT be stowed in the mesh pocket on the outside of a book bag. Phones are permitted ONLY inside the student's book bag.
  • Violation of these rules is a serious offense. Cell phones can too easily be used to cheat or violate privacy. They are also a serious distraction to the learning process. Therefore, any violation of these rules will be dealt with accordingly.
  • ANY violation to the above policy will result in the phone being confiscated by the teacher. 
  • Students are required to treat eache other, faculty, and staff with respect at all times, despite differences in opinions.
  • Rude behavior, foul language, disrespect, teasing, and bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Consequences to improper conduct will result in infraction, detention, suspension.
  • Infractions are given for violation of the classroom rules and for violations to the standards of conduct. Additional behavior such as; violations of the school uniform code, disruptive behavior, being late to class, as well as other conduct violations, will result in an infraction being given to the student.
  • Receiving 3 infractions will be an automatic detention. Detention will be issued directly without the accumulation of infractions for more serious offenses.
  • Please refer to the Parent-Student handbook for additional policies.