Contact Me

Google Classroom is my first line of communication with students.  Grades are posted regularly on gradebook. Check in regularly to monitor your child’s overall progress in class. Insufficient progress reports are sent out mid quarter.

Check this site for the answers to many of your questions. If the above resources do not provide answers to your questions, parents should contact me by emailing me through the email directory on the school's website.


If a parent wishes to schedule a parent-teacher conference, simply email me to set up a time after school (not on that same day, of course). Before-school conferences are very difficult, as I am preparing for the day, and many of my homeroom students arrive early and require my complete focus. I will try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.


Students are allowed to communicate with teachers via email ONLY through their school-issued email accounts. School policy forbids teachers from responding to any student emails sent from alternative email accounts.