Request to Retest

The following are the required steps to request a retest:

  1. ONLY if a student receives a grade of 75 or lower on a test, the student might request a new test. ("Vocabulary Only" tests are not eligible for retake)
  2. Students are ONLY eligible to retake one test per quarter.
  3. Quizzes are not eligible for retake.
  4. Student must show all vocabulary for the test completed on notebook.
  5. Student must outline chapter or sections covered on the tests.
  6. Retests are entirely new tests but covering the same material as the original test.
  7. Request deadline- The student must complete and turn in the Request to Retest Form before the deadline for the quarter.
  8. Due to time constrains, tests administered on the last 2 weeks of the quarter are not eligible for retake.
  9. Mid-term and final exams are not eligible.
  10. The retest score will replace the original test score regardless of the outcome.
  11. Retesting will be given during the students regular class period. The student is responsible for making up any work for that day.