Classroom Volunteers


Volunteering in Our Classroom


I am always looking for classroom volunteers. In the beginning of the school year, during "Open House", I will home a Classroom Volunteer Sign-Up Letter set up so that parents that are interested can sign up. As the year goes on I may need field trip chaperones or other types of volunteers. I will send home notes requesting help as those positions become available.




Classroom Assistant

This position is for those volunteers that are up for anything. Classroom assistants may be asked to:

Cut out lamination and other items

Collect and staple packets

Prepare book orders

Sort papers

Work with students

Hang up or take down items

Create things for our classroom

Bind books in the work room

Help grading papers

Help from Home

This position is for those volunteers who cannot come into the classroom due to their schedule or other reasons but want to help out from home. Home volunteers may be asked to :

Glue items

Cut out items

Trace and Color items

Sort papers


Field Trip Chaperones

On certain field trips I will need chaperones. As these positions become available I will send home information and post it on the website.

Room Parents

At Back to School Night I will have sign-up sheets for our classroom Room Parents. Room parents help to organize class parties. I will need volunteers to send in food and other items. I will also need volunteers to help out and coordinate activities.



Homework Helper(s)-

This parent will come in and check the students folders for completeness and accuracy with Homework placing a sticker on the Homework chart and returning HW folders.


Thursday Folder Helper(s)-

This parent will come in on Thursdays 1:30pm and stuff the Thursday folders with flyers going home and graded student work for parents to sign and return.


Superstar Math Mom(s)-

This parent will come and monitor the "Math Brainiac" drills and keep track of student's progress.


Bulletin Board Changer(s)-

This parent will come in periodically (once a month) to change the bullentin boards.

Homework Champs Organizer(s)
I will be having a parent sign up for pizza donations for our once a month Homework Champs celebrations. I will be needing 8 parents to donate the pizzzas (see Homework Champs page).