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Week of October 17th

Reading:  We will be continuing our work with nonfiction text.  Last week we learned about how to use nonfiction text and the helpful features they have.  This week, we will use nonfiction text to work on the skill of comparing and contrasting.  We will be reading about different insects to incorporate our currect science unit.  You can practice this at home by asking your child to tell you how two things are alike and different.  For word study, we will be working on r-blends like those heard in the words truck, brake, and cry. 

Math:  We will continue to work on the skills of time and money.  We will now learn to tell time to the half hour.  Our class has learned how to count pennies and nickels, so we will be adding dimes into our coins this week.  Have your child practice at home by counting coins and helping you tell time. 

Writing:  Our class is going to learn how to write how-to books.  You can help your child by generating ideas at home.  Ask them what they know how to do and have them tell you the steps in order.  This week we will discuss what a how-to book is, generate a list of possible topics, and begin creating our "materials needed" page. 

Science:  Our creepy crawly friends have arrived just in time for Halloween!  We received millipedes and pill pugs.  The students have already observed the millipedes up close and recorded their observations.  They will do the same with pill bugs this week.  We will then continue to learn about these and other living organisms.  The children are really enjoying this science unit and learning quite a bit!!