About Me

Hello, My name is Joan Wagner and I have the priveledge of providing speech-language services to Hopkins Elementary, Middle School, High School and St. Stans.

I received an elementary teaching degree and a speech-language degree from WMU over 20 years ago and still love, love helping students with speech and language challenges.  Over the years, I've worked with students of all ages (3 years of age through high school) and with various communication needs (fluency, articulation, language). We use communication skills in EVERY aspect of life, and therefore, I believe whole-heartedly that a team approach is the best way to make changes in speech and language skills.  My passion is to work with teachers, school staff and parents to meet my students needs.

I'm quite a home body, so when I'm not at school I'm usually hanging out with my family in our Plainwell home.  I have 2 middle school kids and am finding that the teenage years really aren't that bad!   I love reading, gardening, hiking or taking care of our chickens. I am also involved in a church where I worship, teach Sunday School, and study the Bible.