<h1>5 Ways Startups & Small Businesses with Good Design Can Attract New Customers<o:p></o:p></h1>

5 Ways Startups & Small Businesses with Good Design Can Attract New Customers

custom boxes wholesale With intelligent design, you can pursue your mission of converting visitors into buyers even when you are not actively promoting your business. Would you like to advance your business and increase your conversion rate? How good that you can achieve your goal with the tools that is already available to you.

Just pay a little more attention to the design.

Whether you have an online store or a conventional store, innovative design is critical to conversion. Every contact with a potential customer harbors the opportunity to market you and influence the transformation. And no matter what the area - a business card, a website, or the design of an ad - it makes a big difference whether people remember your company or pay attention to it at all.

Good design draws attention to itself with color.

Do you know how long it takes for someone to form an opinion about a person or a designed element?

It might be shorter than you thought. Studies suggest that it only takes a tenth of a second to make a quick judgment on a person and only 0.05 seconds for a viewer to decide whether to continue studying a webpage or a designed element. This can be detrimental to your design!

A good designer knows about this tight window of opportunity when creating something. Regardless of whether it is a shop window or a virtual advertising campaign - the design should impress. When it comes to grabbing attention, color choices play a huge role.

SM Custom Packaging blog names some of the most likely colors to generate customers and increase sales. Some of these colors are bold reds, trustworthy blues, and friendly warm yellows. (This is where the niche and market research play a huge role in determining which colors will end up being added to your palette.) With eye-catching colors, your business can get the attention it needs to convert.

Good design is appealing and attracts attention.

A big part of the design is the content. Not just the appearance of the designed element, not just the font and color selection, but also what the piece says. Depending on which created element it is, it should convey different content.

For example, logo design conveys the name and a feeling for the company to the audience. Thus, the logo represents the company and can play a significant role in whether or not the viewer's interest will last long enough to move on to the next step.

Marketing materials usually have more space and can communicate more than just the information you need. But no matter how much space you have available, it won't help you if your presentation is uninteresting.

So an intelligent designer will not only use the common calls-to-action but will also re-express the content uniquely and compellingly. CTAs are used not just at the end of the text but throughout the text, including within the text and as buttons and banners elsewhere.

The excellent design carries the customer further on the buyer's journey

From the first glance to continued interest, good graphic design can help consumers move forward on the buyer's journey.

After observing the graphic design, the viewer is guided towards a sale's ultimate goal.

It does this through continuity - that is, by maintaining the appearance of the original design so that viewers are not surprised where they suddenly ended up.

However, it may also require some new, surprising elements: new colors and shapes to draw attention to CTAs and other content that inspires the viewer to take the next step.

Good design relies on the appeal of the new.

Marketing blogger Neil Patel deals with psychological triggers that turn viewers into customers and mentions the appeal of the new as one of the 15 most important marketing tools. "The appeal of the new gives our brain the feeling that we are about to be rewarded for something,"

 How can you translate that into design?

As part of strategic design and marketing, you could publish or advertise your products and services gradually, not all at once.

Or, it can just mean re-naming or repackaging products and services that you offered. Or you can add labels that indicate that this product or service has never been seen before. For example, "Now Available" Or "New Feature" Banners can be a way of getting viewers to take advantage of what you have to offer.

If your company website needs a redesign, including these features in multiple places or as pop-ups across the website can maximize the visibility of these design options.

Good design creates memories that last.

As a small business owner, you want to be remembered. This is especially true if you have to assert yourself against the competition and move your company forward.

Some designed elements have a high recognition value. For example, you can take business cards with you and hand them out. So your logo and the design of your card don't necessarily have to leave a deep mark on your customer - both can speak for themselves.

However, this is not the case with all designed elements.

Good design can reinforce your base when it comes to great ads, logos, websites, physical space, and marketing campaigns.

Keeping the basics of a good, attractive, and practical design in mind will be beneficial when the customer looks at your plan and afterward. This is especially true if your message is clear, concise, and straightforward.