This is a college prep course which gives students an overview of the animal kingdom, including functional systems in both invertebrate and vertebrate animals. Students will be exposed to an overview of the muscular, digestive, excretory, nervous, reproductive, and the hormonal systems of each phyla.  The relationships in the way in which animals move, derive nutrition, and regulate internal and external metabolic functions are also studied. Emphasis is given to the basic biological principles related to all living systems. Students will also be introduced to the processes of science, the relationship of zoological knowledge to human society and problem-solving techniques. Laboratory work and projects will cover inquiry standards and provide students with a better understanding of how animals behave.

In my class, I require students to have a 1.5 inch to 2 inch 3-ring binder and loose leaf notebook paper. The binder will hold class notes, graded assignments and activities, labs, study guides, and graded tests. This will be graded at the end of every chapter. In addition, because of the size of this year's class (and a limited budget) I also recommend that each student acquire a box of gloves for dissections.

Within the first week of classes, students may bring in a variety of items to receive extra credit. Those items include, but are not limited to: black or blue pens, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, dry erase markers, facial tissue, or mechanical pencils. Each package is worth 5 extra credit points and students can only bring in 3 packages.

For the fall, students will learn about the following:

Chapter 1: Biological Principles and the Science of Zoology

Combination Unit: Review of Cells, Biochemistry, and Cellular Metabolism

Chapter 6: Organic Evolution

Combination Unit:

     Chapter 9: Architextural Pattern of an Animal

     Chapter 10: Classification and Phylogeny of Animals

Chapter 16: Molluscs (includes dissection of clams and squids)

Chapter 18: Arthropods (includes dissection of Banana Spider)



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