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Seniors 2013



Summer is flying by and in a matter of weeks we will begin your last year of high school!!


There are many things that must be done in the first few days of school to get the ball rolling on the Senior Trip. Mrs. King and I are very excited to be your sponsors this year. We would like to have an informational meeting with students and parents who plan to participate in trip on Monday, August 20th at 7pm in the cafeteria.

First of which is scheduling for the Fall Baseball/Softball Concession Stand as the first home game is Tuesday, August 28th. Below is list of all of the home games for baseball/softball,  basketball (we are in charge of gate duty), and some tentative dates for the other fundraisers. I will have copies of the schedule for everyone.


Fall Baseball/Softball Concession Stand

(All games begin at 5pm, unless noted.)

8/28: SB/BB vs. Brunswick

8/30: SB/BB vs. Atlanta

9/5: SB vs. Westran

9/6: SB/BB vs. Sturgeon

9/13: SB/BB vs. Cairo

9/17: SB vs. Paris

9/22: Madison Baseball Tournament (9am)

9/24: SB vs. South Shelby

9/27: BB vs. Harrisburg

9/28: SB vs. Marion County

10/1: SB vs. Fayette

10/3-10/6: SB Districts TBA


JH & HS Basketball Gate Duty

(All games begin at 6pm, unless noted.)

10/8: JHBB vs. Community R-6

10/18-10/19: JHBB Madison Basketball Tournament (4pm)

10/22-10/26: JHBB CAC Tournament (4pm)

10/29: JHBB vs. Brunswick

11/2: JHBB vs. Keytesville

11/9: JHBB vs. Higbee

11/16: Purple & Gold Night (5pm)

11/19: VBB vs. Bevier

11/27: VBB vs. Sturgeon

11/29: VBB vs. Harrisburg

12/4: VBB vs. Cairo

12/11: VBB vs. Glasgow

12/19-12/20: VBB Madison Tournament (4:30pm)

1/2-1/5: VBB Madison Tournament (1/2-1/4 begins at 4:30pm & 1/5 begins at 3:30PM)

1/15: VBB vs. Paris

1/18: VBB vs. New Franklin

2/5: VBB vs. Brunswick

2/12: VBB vs. Keytesville

2/16-2/23: VBB Districts TBA

**We will also be hosting the Varsity CAC Basketball Tournament, but the date has not been set yet.


Other Fundraisers

September: The Great America Magazine Sales will begin on Thursday, September 6th and go through Monday, September 17th.

October: The Pecan Sales will take place early enough that pick-up can be done during the Turkey Dinner.

November: The date for the Turkey Dinner is Sunday, November 4th. We would like a couple parents who have done this in the past to take charge of this fundraiser.

December: The tentative date of the Holiday Gift Shop is Monday, December 10th through Friday, December 14th. We will also host the Chili Supper before the Christmas Concert & Art Show on Thursday, December 13th.

January: Orders for the Valentine's Day Gifts will start on January 22nd and go through February 6th.

February: The  Valentine's Day Gifts will be delivered on February 14th.

March: The date of the 3rd and 4th Grade Basketball Tournament will Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to email me directly at I will be in and out of the school for the remainder of the summer but will be back in session on Monday, August 13th if you would need to call me.



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