About Me

RAITTO company currently has marketing network involving distribution in more than 50 countries. And we enjoy the high reputation in East Europe,Middle East, Central Asia, etc. We demonstrate our professional in OEM/ODM production in the past 8 years.

With the best quality and continuously innovation, RAITTO company has been working to improve itself and continually creating values for partners.

RAITTOs Entrepreneurial Spirit Wild Geese Spirit


We always keep smiling, loyalty, enthusiasm and positive.

RAITTOs Management Philosophy


Business philosophy: We grow up with customers.

Product concept: Quality is life of a company, optimizing product is the source of development.

Service philosophy: From the peoples, for the people.

Talent concept: to inspire talents with grand career, attract talents with good treatment, condense talents with outstanding enterprise culture, and create talents with good opportunities.

Cost concept: We refuse to waste, even a penny it is.

RAITTOs Values


Keep commitment: A man can not stand with no credibility.

Remember the responsibility: Taking responsibility as glory, and create value.

Results-oriented: Be proud of  beyond, and be ashamed of no result.

Continuous improvement: Meet customer needs and exceed their own.

OUR products:PVC skirting board,skirting board and wall base.