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Wonderful wall tapestry Dubai

People have used carpets for centuries to add beauty to any room or place. Dubai wall carpets have become famous in recent years due to their seamless appearance. You can give your room an elegant look with these carpets, as they have features to match any interior. You can choose carpets with different fabrics, styles, designs, structures, and prices.

A patterned wall-to-wall carpet is one of the most charming. These carpets are the best addition to your room due to their lovely appearance. The idea that you should keep in your mind while choosing carpets is to decorate your room.

These wall carpets are available in all styles according to different décor, so choose the one that can be best adapted to your interiors. When there are no seams on your room rug, your room will look bossier. https://uaecarpets.com/ providing an excellent quality carpet to wall in Dubai.

Types and benefits of Dubai wall carpets

Our shop has a wide range of floor-to-wall carpets in Dubai. But our most famous styles are Cotton Carpets, Floor Carpets, Polyester Carpets, Shaggy Carpets, Feather Carpets, Saxony Carpets, Multi-level Felt, Berber Carpets, Textured and Plain Carpets, Laminate Carpets, Dubai patterned rug and many more.

These carpets come in a variety of colors and designs to match your interior. These carpets have different properties and benefits. As these carpets are very cost-effective, you can easily purchase them. We make carpets from insulating materials that can warm up your room in winter. Wall to wall carpet Abu Dhabi People use our tapestries to reduce the chances of getting allergic to germs in their place.

Clean the carpet, protect you from germs. Carpets can provide a comfortable feeling when walking on the carpet. We supply carpets for the home not only But also for business establishments People often use our wall mat in Dubai in offices, in places such as hallways, cabins, offices and conference rooms.

Fibers used in Dubai carpets

We use different fibers to make Abu Dhabi wall carpets or sometimes mix two or more fibers to fabricate them. The most popular fibers are wool, nylon, polyester, olefins, and recycled material fibers.

Fur and olefins

Wool is a natural fiber and is the most commonly used fiber in best floor-to-wall carpets. Wall to wall carpet this fiber is strong, stain-resistant, and durable. It has a soft and comfortable appearance that makes the rug look amazing. Like fur, the olefins used in a carpet to wall Dubai have the same stain-repellent properties. But not as durable as wool


Polyester is a cheap fiber that has been used in carpets for many years. We use the latest technology to increase the durability of this fiber so it can last for many years. Wall-mounted carpet costs are often high. But carpets with polyester have a low price.


Nylon is famous for its shiny appearance and shape-retaining properties. The color of this fiber does not fade, so it retains its luster for many years. Nylon has the same stain resistance properties as wool. But has additional properties in keeping the fiber height. That's why it's one of our all-time favorite fibers in this Dubai floor-to-wall rug.

Why choose us?

If you are searching for carpet to the wall, Dubai https://uaecarpets.com/ it’s the best place for you. We offer high-quality made-to-measure carpets for you at very reasonable prices. We have a large number of carpets for you that consist of different fibers, now you can choose the fiber of the carpet you want.

If you are looking for wall carpets in Abu Dhabi online and you don't have time to visit the store, our team of experts can visit your location and guide you in purchasing a rug according to your interior. Company in the market that claims to have high-quality carpets, we are not just announcing this But also give you a free sample of Dubai wall carpets to prove our claim. We also offer free installation of these carpets for the relief of our customers.

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