Mrs. Edwards Classroom



Parents don't forget to congratulate your students on a job well done. Everyone earned a B or higher on their spelling and vocabulary test. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!


Students don't forget your paragraphs tomorrow we will use them in class.



This week your students are working on inferecing/drawing conclusion.  

I like to drink milk. I lay around all day. I have four legs. I say meow.

What am I ?



Today the students worked on subtracting problems some with regrouping and others without. The students did a great job. We are also learning new vocabulary words this week. I am HOPEFULL that the students are studying their words everynight. They will take their vocabulary test SERIOUSly. If they do this I can ASSUME they will receive an A on their test.

Parents please find time to do some of the activities listed on their vocabulary sheet with them.

Have fun!!!Laughing

October 5, 2009

Parents, today students received their new vocabulary words for the week. Please help them to use these words at home as we are using them and the previous week's words in class. They also received their new spelling words.

In math students are working on regrouping (borrowing) and addition. Tomorrow Group B will be introduced to word problems. Group A will continue with regrouping and learning how to check their work.

In language arts we are beginning to write our first narrative. Today students learned how to begin writing their narrative:

1.Choose a person

2.Think of a memory with that person

3.Sketch the situations

4.Tell the story  


Last week we learned about compare and contrast. This week we will continue to learn about compare and contrast as we compare how different countries celebrate Halloween compare to the United States.In math group B learned the Lattice strategy for multiplication. We will continue this strategy this week. In group A we learned different addition and subtraction strategies.In Language Arts we are beginning to write our first Narrative