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The greatest entertainment a family could have is to watch movies. Regardless the kind of movie gender you want, parents should always compromise to their kids. This half of 2018, there are plenty of movies online on watchseriesnet for families to enjoy. So, ready those popcorns, sodas and mark your calendar because this is going to be great.


The Incredibles 2


It has been 10 years ever since we witnessed Mr. Incredible together with his family in action. This time, it is Elastigirl who will save the world from criminalities. But what about Mr. Incredible himself? Unfortunately, since his wife is out fighting crimes, his greatest challenge is by taking care of their children and home. Not to mention that Jack-Jack has very unpredictable superpowers that even his parents couldn’t handle. The story connects of what is currently happening to some families today whereas, the mother is the one who brings food to the table, and the father is a house husband. Coming in cinemas near you on July 15 Asia.



Wreck-It Ralph 2 - Ralph Breaks The Internet


Ralph and Vanelope are living the life in the arcade universe. Since arcades are getting more and more obsolete thanks to the internet, it seems that most gamers do forget about them. So, what’s next for these 2 buddies? They will infiltrate the World Wide Web and discover new friends and adventure. The two will be so overwhelmed by the world of the Internet they can’t help it so the two will go from different places.


Jurassic World 2 - Fallen Kingdom


The island of giant reptiles is in danger. There is a certain volcano that is currently active that might wipe these giant species again. Owen and Claire will start another dinosaur adventure as they try to save at least a few. Owen is also determined to find his best reptile buddy - blue. Best of luck with this cute couple. All of these got their first parts and in case you missed it, by all means, catch them at watchseriesnetandwatch movies online.