Mrs. Miller's 6th Grade Syllabus

6th Grade Science SyllabusAvon Park Middle School2008 - 2009Mrs. Sarah B. Miller Email: Phone: (863) 462-5025 ext: 4210  Office Hours (Planning): Room 4-210,  1st hour Help Hours: 2:15-3:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Summary:

As the name implies, this course is an integrated approach to earth-space science, biology, chemistry, ecology, genetics, math and physics. This science course is a hands-on class. We do many labs which involve precision and accuracy. It is extremely important you pay attention to all details. You will conduct research using scientific methods not limited to graphing, charting, and calculating weight and mass differences. You, as future scientists, will also be working on compiling data for submission in group projects, and looking for ways to make our community a better place through scientific reasoning and logic.

Interactive Notebook:  Text: Prentice Hall: Biology (2006) Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine; Prentice Hall: Physical Science: Concepts in Action with Earth and Space Science (2006). Please note, Integrated I and Integrated II use the same text books over a two year period but cover different material from those texts.  Labs: Due to the large amount of time required for set-up, it is essential that you are always present on lab days. Follow lab procedures and safety guidelines at all times. Horseplay is never permitted and will be dealt with expeditiously. Lab reports are a requirement of this class. Everyone is expected to keep good personal records of findings in the lab and relay that information in a lab report.  Testing: Tests are given as an assessment of student knowledge in Integrated Science. The format of tests usually consist of 50 multiple choice questions and occasionally an essay question to determine depth of knowledge. Quizzes are given at random to assess science comprehension. The majority of tests and quizzes are taken in class, although there will be opportunities to take online versions. Exams are comprehensive and given at the end of first and second semester (normally 100 - 150 multiple choice questions, and multiple extended response questions).