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What is Title 1?

Title 1 is a program supported through federal funds to provide resources to schools with a high population of students from low-income families, to ensure that all children are supported in mastering rigerous educational standards.

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Lena Whitmore Title I Compact - Reading

We are committed to ________________________________________ ’s progress in reading at Lena Whitmore Elementary School. This Title I Compact agreement formalizes a partnership amongst the student, parent, teacher, and principal. We believe this agreement will be fulfilled by our team effort.

As a student, I will

  • Attend school daily
  • Believe that I can and will learn to read at or above grade-level
  • Come to class on time and be prepared to work and participate
  • Follow school rules
  • Show respect for myself, my school, and other people by being a good listener, speaking politely, and using positive, encouraging words with my peers and myself
  • Accept responsibility for my school work and behavior
  • Be careful with and return borrowed books


Student’s Signature _________________________________________________________ Date _______________

As a parent/guardian, I will

  • Make sure my child attends school daily and is on time
  • Ensure my child is prepared for school (plenty of sleep, good breakfast, dressed appropriately)
  • Communicate daily with my child about school work, and encourage homework completion
  • Support good study habits by providing a place and time to study at home
  • Promote positive attitudes about school, reading, and the importance of education
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences
  • Set a goal of reading 10-20 minutes every day with my child


Parent/Guardian’s Signature __________________________________________________ Date ______________

As the Title I teacher and administrator, we will

  • Provide a safe and welcoming learning environment that is conducive to learning
  • Ensure effective learning experiences with high quality curriculum that meets state academic standards
  • Promote high expectations for student’s behavior, responsibility, and achievement
  • Establish and maintain open communication with students and parents
  • Meet individual student’s educational needs
  • Keep parent/guardians informed of child’s academic progress
  • Comply with district and state policies and regulations
  • Support the partnership between parents, students, teachers, and principal


Title I Teacher’s Signature _____________________________________________________ Date ______________


Principal’s Signature _________________________________________________________ Date ______________