Discussion & Questions

Responses to in-class assignment

"I think that you gave the assignment  for us to know about ourseves and also to change what we think is wrong."

"The purpose of the assignment might be to have a deeper knowledge about ourselves. The meaning of my writing might be how I see life, but in an  unconscious way,perhaps in a conscious way I would define these eight aspects of my  life different. I see connections between I wrote and the paper, but I don´t think it reflects my true self,or not in all the cases."

"In my opinion, the purpose of this assignment is to reveal our unconscious mind which I think is related to the video by John Cleese we have watched in the class and the book  Wes Moore. Everybody has an unconscious mind of desire, both good and bad, usually controlled and restricted by our brain. Living in a society and following its rule, we would learn what is right and wrong by the time we become an adult. As we grow up, we would know a consequence of people's life if we don't follow the rule. This assignment and the video leads us to reconsider the difference between two boys in the book grown up in a similar situation in terms of "unconscious mind" . Both Wes had a potential mind of committing a crime. However, one was able to control it while another was not. Why was that? I think this assignment is connected to the theme of the book."

"For me was a little difficult imagine what can i write about those things, but i try to do the best. At the end of class when the professor gave me a paper with the meanings of the things, it was surprising for me saw what symbolize all of it.
I think the purpose of this assigment help us to try to connect that thing with different aspects or thoughts of our life. As i say at the first, I can't anliza the meaning between this things and our thought, but now can appreciate the similarities between them. If i can connect the topic, my writing, and the menaings, I can say there are sonme aspects that reflect my wishes, fears,worries, and goals. Some of them arew good and other bad, but now I know which thought are positive and negative."

"I was shocked when I got answer sheet.(it was explanation of that writing) I wrote...My Life is going to be more lively (it was beautiful and bards was singing and flower was all over.... that was my forest) with my a baby bear of love. My stranger is being very friendly, also I have a cup of hot chocolate with nice a new luxury car key. Furthermore I spent all day at the water park and very next day I went rock climbing up a huge wall. Then we went to the other side of the wall.There is a very nice organic restaurant where we eat as much as we wanted to eat.We all had a great meal.Then after all, my children said "It's better than Disney Wold!" so all of us and friend move there!

It was fun! I hope all of good happen come to all of us.
Thank You."
"The purpose of the assignment could be to learn to know yourself, the way you are so in this way we can improve our way of thinking and being. Its the way to express what our subconscious tell us. Corresponding what i wrote, its curious, because i felt identified with the meaning of the bear it could be the truth, in my case."

"I think that the one of the purpose of the assignment was to get the hook for writing process. The task was pretty interesting and nobody was chained by the rules how to write correctly and what should be written, etc. On the contrary, Robert asked to write without thinking what is wrong or write, but follow the thought. This is the free-writing technique which allows the writer to put thoughts on a paper. Another purpose of assignment was to make discoveries about ourselves. Personally I was surprised that I had so positive meaning of each image. I let my imagination just flow and I’ve got a pretty bright picture for every image. This gave me a hope that I still have a lot of positive energy."


"1. When the professor gave us instructions to write freely, not to worry about grammatical rules and punctuations, I couldn't be a free writer to begin with. My mind has been set up with fear of rules.

When I read about a piece from the professor, I felt awkward and my unconsciousness stolen unnoticeable. Soon I found peace in mind not to feel embarrassment because my thoughts can't be judged by someone else.

 2. I think the assignment is definitely related to our daily life. More specifically, it shows what's in our conscious and unconscious world.

 3. The purpose of the assignment is revealing our inner parts through descriptive writing. Through the writing, you let out personal issues in different ways and refocus to what  your problem is kept inside. Also you see your positiveness of inner core. Moreover, it could be to resolve, heal, and seek your sufficiency to work on it. While we expressed thoughts and feelings through writing, we could have less anxiety with a more positive mind and attitude.

 4.  The Woods can represent my life as I discovered  how I felt on Thursday. I didn't fully describe with dense trees but I imagined two versions of a forest. One picture came up with full of tall trees where I couldn't see above and the other was autumn leaves with mixed colors, more bright and lovely. I chose, of course, what was more of a closer feeling that particular moment.

With bears, again I saw two different types of bear. One had a white check mark on its chest with all brown fur. It stood with two feet and looking at me in distance. I wind up with the polar bear because its more real to me with my experience.

The stranger part, I don't know what to say. The fact is, I have several sincere female friends who has been around me."


"I believe that the assignment was a good practice to improve our writing skills. It is always challenging to write a topic that someone choose for you. I really enjoyed! I am glad that I could write a lot on that assignment. It is challenging but I want to be challenged."