College Reading Web Quest

 Reading Skills Webquest

 Introduction: I n the Webquest you will find information so that you can review the skills learned in class.

Follow the page in order.

Task:  Do the activites on each page.  If the page asks you to answer a question, please answer them on your own sheet so that your turn it in when I return. Each section has a Read, View, and Do portion.  Complete each portion. 

Main Ideas: 

Read: Look over the follow web sites to review finding the Main idea

View:  Watch the following Video: Finding the Main Idea Video

Do:  the Activity in the following link: Main Idea reading  When you finish this activity, please record your score on you own paper, and label it"Main Idea Activity Score"


Supporting Details:  Next Look over the following page to review Supporting Details                         

Read: Power point Supporting  Detail

View:  Watch the following Videos: Supporting Details Video 1Supporting Details Video 2

Do:   the following Excercies and record you answers on you own paper labeled "Supporting Details":Main Ideas and Supporting Details



Implied Main Ideas:

Read: Inference Page, test prep

View: Inferences

Do: Excercise 1, Excercise 2--Record your scores under "implied main idea" when you are finished



Read:  Patterns of  Organization, Patterns, Patterns 2                  

View:  Patterns Video                                                                                               

Do: Practice 1, Practice 2 (Choose 3 practices to do).  Record your scores under "relationships."


Read:  Making inferences,  Inferences power point, Inferences 

View:  Inference video

Do: Practice (do 1-20 and record your answers under "inferences"


Purpose and Tone 

Read:  Purpose, Tone, Tone 2

View: Tone

Do:  Purpose, Tone (record your scores under "purpose and tone")


Critical Reading

Read:  Fact vs. Opinion, Propaganda, Prop. and errors in judgement

View:  propaganda

Do: Fact vs, opinion (do all three exercises and record score), Propaganda (record score)

Reading Practice:

Practice Tests take as many of these tests as you have time to complete. (do 5)