The Help Wequest

The goal of this webquest is to have students become experts on a certain topic that relates to The Help. The topics are: About the Author, Martin Luther King Jr., Jim Crow Laws, and The Klu Klux Klan. Each student will learn all about one of these areas by reading through the websites provided, answering questions, and by doing a jigsaw activity back in the classroom. 

Each student will be given a number 1-4. This number corresponds to the group the student is in. Each group covers an area to be investigated. Group 1: About the Author, Group 2: Martin Luther King Jr., Group 3: Jim Crow Laws, Group 4: The Klu Klux Klan.

Students will click on their group number and read through the websites aloud and answer the questions provided.  In the classroom, each group will get together to discuss what was learned from the websites and answering the questions. 

After the groups meet, students will jigsaw their information. This means that new groups will be formed that have one student from Group 1, one student from Group 2, one student from Group 3, one student from Group 4, and one student from Group 5. Each student will teach their new groups about their topic of expertise.

Group 1 Author Study  

Group 2 Martin Luther King Jr.

Group 3 Jim Crow Laws

Group 4 KKK