Press On Nails: Josie

This classy unique ballerina shape press on nails features a matte plain green and some plain nude designed in flowery patterns, silver lines and crystals. Whether you wear this for a casual look or for any occasion, our press on manicure gives a luxury feel that matches any outfit and style.




-24 nails set


-mini nail file 


-cuticle stick pusher


-adhesive nail tabs


-nail glue


-plastic nail pack





-easy to apply & remove


-re-useable multiple times


-long lasting


-can be easily filed and modified


-100% vegan & cruelty free 


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-clean the surface of your nail with an alcohol cotton piece or pad.


-compare the sizes of the nails to choose the right size.


-use the manicure stick to push back cuticles before application for best result.


-file the surface of your nails gently. This will create a better grip between nails and the adhesive.


-drop glue on the heel of the press on nail or use adhesive nail tabs.


-stick on nail for 15 seconds if you used the glue or, trim nail tab to fit nail.


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-when you use adhesive nail tab, soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes until the nail plate is slightly loose.


-gently pry off the nail plate along the gap of the nail sticker.


-if you used the glue, it can be removed with professional nail remover firstly.