We are dedicated to providing all students with the educational foundation necessary to succeed in school and in life.  This Integrated Math curriculum was developed to address the math needs of our Moderate Cognitive and Learning Disabled high school population.  To ensure our students’ success, we have set high standards that are reflected in what is taught in our classrooms through the newly developed curriculum.  To ensure students preparedness for their futures, we have developed a curriculum that includes real world activities and hands on projects that will assist in the higher order thinking skills needed to become productive members of society.


 In the past, these populations of students on the high school level have not had a math curriculum developed causing them to be at loss situation in reference to state standards.  With the importance of their participation in standardized testing within the district through the mandates of No Child Left Behind the need is evident.  Though the Life Skill’s curriculum currently in use within the district has addressed math skills according to the students’ IEPs, the curriculum does not adhere to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards.


This curriculum uses a holistic approach to teaching and learning which includes life skills on various levels and applies to all Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives set by the school’s IEP teams.  The activities developed within this curriculum makes use of technology as a tool and assists with resources offered through websites which are part of this web based curriculum that will help this population of students be able to lessen the gap of knowledge between them and that of their peers.  Being both learner-centered and problem-centered this curriculum will be used as a tool to support the objectives for assisting students in becoming self sufficient adults as well as build upon the abilities in the area of math, this curriculum will enhance our district’s approach to educating this population of students.  Through this Integrated Math Curriculum web, the students will not only use manipulatives which are used in everyday life such as being able to use recipes, reading instructions, being able to tell time, and measurement but also they will become aware of and have an understand of the importance of real world and community situations. The participation in projects which address societal issues such as recycling and ecology will give them a connection and sense of responsibility in the world in which they live.  As part of this curriculum the students will get exposure through not only school activities but will use resources which are offered through field trips and visitors.


The goal of our school district is one in which we ensure that no child is left behind and that all students have equal opportunities to receive an excellent education.  The development of this Integrated Math Curriculum web will ensure that this goal is achieved.