This curriculum will ensure that students are exposed to the contents of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards in the area of Math. Skills developed within this curriculum will assist students in their abilities of relating basic math skills to their daily living activities.



The Pacing Guides under the INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN links will assist the teacher in his or her efforts of ensuring that these populations of students are instructed in a manner in which they are exposed to all of the learning standards and assessments which are required by our district.


The Pacing Guide offers the following essentials of a curriculum plan:

  1. Suggested pace of instruction
  2. Topic
  3. CCCS
  4. Specific learning objectives
  5. Suggested Activities and Real World Applications
  6. Required and supplemental resources
  7. Projects and Trips

LEARNERS- The activities developed within this curriculum guide are directed toward Moderate Cognitive (MC) and Low Level Learning Disabled (LLD) students.

PREREQUISTES - The activities within this curiculum guide are directed for MC and LLD students who function on the 3rd -6 th  grade levels.

Subject-Matter : This curriculum was developed to address math skills under the following topics and correlated standards:

 TOPIC                                                                                 CCCS

NUMERATION and NUMBER SENSE                                         4.1                                                                           

GEOMETRY                                                                             4.2

 ALGEBRA                                                                               4.3

LIFE SKILLS                                                                            4.5