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Web design includes all the aspects related to the design and functionality of websites. It comprises a broad –spectrum of elements, ranging from the graphic design, user interface to technical elements on the back-end. It includes the skills required in the production and maintenance of these websites. Normally web designing is done by a group of individuals working in a team covering different aspects of the process or even single individual can cover them all up.



 Basically why is web designing important:


  • To publish your business or project to the audience, and interact with them. To market your strategies, and expand the venture.
  • The design sets the first impression: web design impacts how your audience perceives your brand. When they visit your website, they will judge your business within seconds. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your brand or leave your page and turn on to a competitor.
  • It helps you to build up a trust with the audience. If they see your poor design or information looks outdated, then they won’t trust the site. When visitors remain on your site longer then you create more opportunities for your business.
  • Competitors for your business are utilizing web design techniques, so if you want to stay in competition with them then you must use web designing.



So we build the website for the sake of target audience. And we have to make it appealing to them through the design. A target audience is a group of consumers within a predefined target market that has been identified as the best recipients for that particular marketing motive. Knowing your audience will help you identify the features your site must include. You’ll need to make sure you are including whatever it is that your target audience will want to be able to do on website.


In the motive of building a website, sometimes our focus can go on being impressive and outshining the competitor’s with flashy web designs. This is natural, but sometimes may lead to the ignorance of most important element of internet marketing. One that is concerned with the potential and future success not only of the website but also of the company’s venture.


So the focus should be on both how one presents his business and its services with how this will be received by the potential audience. If they get a wrong impression, then it has brought a huge trouble.


Whether you are building a small website or a complicated one the main purpose of this is communication. And you are communicating with the people who are your customers, whomever you wish to view what you have to say, the target audience.


One thing about the internet advertising is that, as it can reach numerous people on the web, they usually target everybody. this kind of broad shooting is not effective; it overlooks the potential customers looking for your product or service. Thus targeting the potential audience is necessary.



Here are some key points to refer while building a design for key audience:

  • Identifying the target audience

The people who are most likely to buy your products or services share certain characteristics. Thus build a customer profile with essentially a detailed description of your targets demographic that includes age, gender, location etc.

You can learn about your target audience through primary and secondary market research. And finally reassessing your offerings.

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  • Put the user’s preferences first

While designing a website it is necessary to keep the personal preferences of the designer away, and give utmost importance to the user’s interests. What may seem great to designer may not be appealing to the user.

  • Checking out the competitors

Look at your competitors’ websites to see what they have in common. Look at usability, design, content, layout and navigation, and optimization. Do not copy, but see what works and what doesn’t.

  • Appropriate typography and colour templates:

Customize your typography to express your brands personality on the website. Play with different fonts and colours. For example, if the targeting audience are kids, then use cartoons comics etc. Make it exiting and efficient.

  • Including images:

 Images are processed quicker than words, so the users can easily understand the content. Choose images that are relevant to your brand and which will draw the people’s attention into your world.

  • Work on content:

Content is the most important aspect in the designing. So your design efforts will be in vain if the site content is inappropriate or lacking in quality. Your audience has an effect on the type of content and the style of writing.

  • Maintain the information flow and make it exciting:

Ordering your information according to visual hierarchy will help your users navigate the site and absorb the information accordingly. And add some interesting elements.


Unfortunately, many designers do not consider these issues when building websites, preferring instead to concentrate on the visual design aspects and letting the clients come up with actual marketing. whereas the clients relay on your expertise, therefor in between the actual understanding and approach to target audience fails. Thus show some interest towards these aspects and enjoy designing!