At Home Learning

While students are learning from home, here are some additional resources to keep busy minds learning. Don't forget about all the good stuff in Classlink. Please have your child complete their choice board as well. :) 


Scholastics has created a wonderful daily lesson through books completely for free. 

We read Vooks at school a lot during dismissal time. This website brings books to life for a more educational screen time. While it does cost monthly, the first month is free. It is worth checking out!

Epic! is a wonderful site full of books to keep student's attention. I have invited all the kids in my class to make an account. I have assigned book collections on topics that we are currently learning about in class.

While your library is closed you can still read new books online! Check out Storyline to have books read out loud to your child. The best part? They often have a link to SchoolTube instead of YouTube, so your child doesn't "accidentally" find them self on an unboxing video instead.


Looking for math games? Arcademics if full of fun games for kids covering all different topics!

Confused because every time you try to help your child in math they say, "That's not how my teacher taught me!" Well Kahn Academy is here to help! They have lessons and assessments. Kids love it because they earn points as they learn. 

Xtramath is another great resource for helping your child navigate math.They have a getting started for parents video to help you give you more information. 

Science/Social Studies

National Geographic for Kids is a great source to explore animals.Brain Break

Take a virtual field trip with your child! It is a wonderful way to get out of the house without having to go anywhere. 

I grew up on PBS and I still love it just as much now as I did then. They have put together a list of short videos appropriate for early elementary.

Time for Kids is full of easy to read articles to teach children about the world around them. No sign in required. 

Highlights for Kids has fun activities, games, and videos.

If your child is extra curious, they might be asking you a million questions a day. Some you might not even know the answer to! Check out wonderopolis to help answer those hard questions or even to get your child thinking about those big questions.

Learning Games

Looking for games for all subjects? ABCya! has tons of games across all the subjects. 

Looking for more games for all subjects and some stories? Fun Games is the answer! It does have ads at the bottom, so you might have to help your child press the back button occasionally to get back to their activity. 

Starfall has some fun learning games. I know when I taught preK, they couldn't get enough!

Brain Breaks

Our class has used Breakout Rooms before, and now they can access them at home to keep their brains working hard! These are not easy, but they will make your child think outside of the box. They get so excited when they figure one out!

Brain breaks are important! Check out Go Noodle for a fun way to get the wiggles out. 

Mo Willems is an incredible author that our class just loves. He is recording Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! every school day at 1:00 pm. Check out the first video here

Cosmic Kids Yoga is incredible! Jamie tells stories through yoga poses to get the kids interested in moving. In all honesty, I might watch some of her videos while we are all stuck in our homes. She is way more fun than yoga for adults!


I will continue to add resources to this page. I do not want parents to feel overwhelmed, but I also wanted to give you somewhere to begin. I know this online learning is not easy, so please let me know what else I can do to help.