Downloading Windows 10 activator for your PC for free

It might be annoying when you keep getting continues reminders of windows activation on your computer screen. But do not worry in this blog we are going to provide you with all the information you need regarding windows 10 activator txt so that you can use this information for yourself. 

This is the list of versions which are compatible with Windows activator txt for the users to use – 

  1. Windows 10 home 

  2. Windows 10 home single language 

  3. Windows 10 home country specific 

  4. Windows 10 professional 

  5. Windows 10 education 

  6. Windows 10 education N 

  7. Windows 10 enterprise 

  8. Windows 10 enterprise N 

  9. Windows 10 mobile 

  10. Windows 10 mobile enterprise 

  11. Windows 10 IoT core 

Steps for activating Windows 10 on your system – 

  1. For the initial process the users need to open web browser and the type in the then move ahead to next step. 

  2. In this step, the users need to copy all the text and then open a new document so that you can paste the copied content. 

  3. You need to now save this file as any name you prefer and once you have decided the name of the file you just need to press on save button. 

  4. The complete name of the file will look like this – xyz.cmd 

  5. Now you need to run the windows text file as the administrator and then after waiting for some time the users will see that the windows will activate on their own. 

Webfrenz is a very useful platform which the users can use when they want to get extra information about windows 10 or some issues related to it. We assure you that the simple interface of the site will let you access the content you want to on this site.



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