Orcpub is Down? Best 10 Orcpub Alternative

OrcPub.com was a suite for Dragons and Dungeons 5th Edition that has tools. This was designed for tabletop gameplay and preparation. It was used to make the game seamless which was easily accessible to more players and DMs. These applications allow gamers to explore new horizons in the world of gaming. A few of the features that OrcPub.com provided were character builder, homebrew content tools, a spell, rule, monster references, and a tracker.

The top 10 OrcPub replacements apps in 2021:

  • Roll20- It was one of the best replacements to OrcPub in 2021 is quite easy to use and is convenient for gamers as it was free of cost. This video gaming platform also included games such as pen and paper RPGs online along with others.
  • MapTool- A Java application can run on any operating system and is loaded with other features that are the same as OrcPub.
  • Rolistream- It is an alternative app that helps you in managing tabletop role-playing games with your gamer friends and other players.
  • Fantasy Grounds- This gives a unique experience for each game and offers easy preparation, seamless executions along immersive gaming.
  • Mipui- This offers a real-time collaboration between multiple authors. The features of this make it more user-friendly.
  • Beyond Tabletop- It is a free real-time replacement which is compatible with all devices.
  • Epic Table- It is easy to use and offers hassle-free networking and allows to share files very easily.
  • GM Forge- It is an affordable alternative and this requires only one person to buy the application.
  • Astral Table Top- This runs easily without any hassles faced during a set-up.
  • DiceCloud- It aims to help people spend less time shuffling paper and wants to maximize their playtime.

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