What Happened to CompuServe Email Addresses

CompuServe Information services were one of the best and oldest commercial services provided by America. It was an American online service provider. CompuServe was an Internet and communications industry, whose headquarters were in Columbus, U.S. CompuServe webmail cs.com was the site that was used by the users to get access to the services of CompuServe. CompuServe was one of the biggest Internet brands of 90’s. 

A new competition to CompuServe was a prodigy “home computer information service” which was launched in 1990 with the partnership and combined efforts of IBM and Sears. The new competition had graphics and advertisement support with it, which gradually resulted in the loss of users and money in the time of early 90’s, which forced it to go through a reboot in 1993. Prodigy Classic was officially closed in 1999, giving the reason of “Y2K problem” for the shut down. Also, there is a long reading in Atlantic for what went wrong with CompuServe email. The company changed itself in to an internet provider or an internet providing company and got fully connected with the other company called SBC communications which is now popularly called as AT & T

Now, if we look in to the User Id’s, email addresses or CompuServe sign – in we find that since 1989 the users of CompuServe had email address in the form of xxx.xxxx @compuServe.com. CompuServe allowed its users to create an alias for their internet services of email in 1996. They can use the alias for the personal web page. The first choice of the new email addresses was given to the longest term members of the CompuServe because they were with CompuServe since a long time ago. Updating itself CompuServe in 1998 gave its users the option to switch their mailboxes to POP3 access internet services. And the latest CompuServe address for email looks like xxxx@cs.com which is with the users of 2000 service of CompuServe.

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