Optusnet Email Settings for Outlook, iPhone, Gmail, Android and Other

If you are a user of Optusnet email then, it is very important for you to learn the email settings as you will not be able to configure the email without the use of Optusnet email settings.

Email settings are very important when people want to configure the email service on their device and with a different email service provider. If you are also looking for the email settings of Optus net email then, here in the guide, we are going to tell you how you can easily configure the email account in different email service providers and devices.

What are the Email Settings for Optusnet email Account Configuration?

As explained earlier, the IMAP and the SMTP settings of any email service provider are very important as these settings are responsible for incoming and outgoing emails respectively. You need to use these settings for account configuration and optusnet email login on any device that you using.

Email Settings

Port Number

Optusnet IMAP Incoming mail server:


993, requires SSL

143, non-secure

Optusnet POP3 Incoming mail server:


995, requires SSL

110, non-secure

Optusnet SMTP Outgoing mail server:


465, requires SSL

587 non-secure


These are the email settings that you need to know when you want to configure your Optusnet email account. You need to enter these settings in the settings of your device where you are entering a new email account.

You need to remember that there is no specific new email application that you need to download if they wish to use an Optusnet email account. You can easily use your Optusnet email account with any different email service provider like Outlook or Gmail where also you need to enter the settings that we have provided here for account and email configuration.

We hope that you have understood the details that we have explained in this guide along with the email settings that we have mentioned here. 

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