Powerful Ways to Find Emails by Date in Gmail

Whether you need to find an important email from last week or search within a specific month, Gmail provides various powerful date filters to help locate emails quickly. In this post, we will explore different methods to search your Gmail inbox by date.

When composing a search query, follow these basic steps:

There are two method to search email by date on Gmail. Lets see how to search email by date on Gmail.

Method 1. Custom Range

  • Click on the Anytime Button.

  • Go to Custom Range.

  • Enter the Start Date and End Date.

  • Finally, click on Apply. You will get all the emails within the given date range.

Method 2. By Using the Advance Option

  • Now click on Advance

  • A new popup window will open where you can put your conditions to search by date, like email ID and sub, and include the word, Size, and Date within the option.

  • Once you filled in all the details click on the Search button.

Some key date filtering options include:

  • Custom range: Select start and end dates like "June 1-15, 2023".

  • Relative dates: Search by "Last Week", "Last Month" or "Older than 6 months".

  • Specific day: Filter by "date:January 1st, 2023".

  • Weekday: Find emails from "weekday:Monday" or "weekday:Fri".

  • Calendar view: Click the calendar icon and pick dates on the popup calendar.


With Gmail's powerful date filters, you can easily isolate emails from a particular time period with just a few clicks. Finding old messages by date has never been more straightforward.

These date search techniques are incredibly useful to dig up old references or locate communications related to past projects and deadlines. Gmail filters save valuable time spent sifting through your full mailbox.

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