Incredible Hair

Incredible Hair: Prepping Your Locks for the Perfect Wedding Day



Lauren McMurray, the renowned international award-winning stylist and Creative Director of Iron and Ivy Hair and Beauty in Queenstown, New Zealand, shares her expert advice on preparing your hair for your big day.

When it comes to ensuring your hair looks its best on your wedding day, Lauren recommends incorporating regular treatments into your hair care routine in the lead-up to the event. This helps to maintain happy, healthy, and easily manageable hair.

One highly recommended treatment loved by Lauren and her clients is Olaplex. With its patented active ingredient, Olaplex works at a molecular level to repair broken bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. If you frequently use hot styling tools or regularly color your hair, Lauren suggests including Olaplex in your beauty regimen at least a month before your special day.

For those planning to have a haircut and color service, scheduling it a week before the wedding ensures that your color looks fresh and your ends appear healthy. Don't forget to request your stylist to incorporate Olaplex into the service for added benefits.

Drawing inspiration from her UK roots, Lauren keeps an eye on the latest trends in cities like London, Paris, and Milan. For example, curtain fringes are currently in vogue in Europe, and they look fabulous if you plan to wear your hair down for pre-celebration occasions or opt for a modern up-style.

To maintain gorgeous hair throughout the entire day, Lauren suggests carrying a travel-sized finishing hairspray (such as Kevin Murphy Session Spray), along with a few hairpins and a tester-sized lipstick, in your clutch. This allows for quick touch-ups and preparations during those special camera moments, as there may not be much time for continuous styling.

When it comes to product recommendations, Iron and Ivy clients are loving the Kevin Murphy styling range. These products provide fantastic texture and a perfect hold for trendy glam waves or textured up-styles.

Lauren also shares her enthusiasm for Great Lengths hair extensions. These extensions can help you achieve the hair of your dreams, whether it's added fullness or a few extra inches of length. At Iron and Ivy, they offer a wide selection of over 60 colors and can color match to any hair type. Additionally, they are the exclusive salon in New Zealand to feature the coveted Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Technology for applying hair extension bonds without heat, tape, or glue. These extensions are virtually invisible, comfortable to wear, and can last up to six months, allowing you to look stunning at your engagement party, hen party, and wedding with just one application.

Incredible hair is within reach for your wedding day at Iron and Ivy. With Lauren's expertise and the salon's exceptional services, you can achieve the perfect bridal look and turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

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